jeremy canneto is a graphic designer, creative problem seeker, typophile, letterpress enthusiast, student of life, pit bull lover, reader, fixed gear fanatic, beekeeper in training, outdoor adventurer, and devoted snowboarder


I have always had a creative outlet, even before I knew what creativity was. I have fond memories of building forts with couch cushions and blankets with my brother when we were young. Free from societal and cultural restraints; truly free and untainted minds.

I fell in love with design in high school during an architecture class. With a pencil, paper and T-square I would finish my assignment and start doodling, practicing alignment and composition. It was then when I started seeing things as being "designed", made a certain way for a reason. When I began analyzing buildings and objects is when I knew I wanted to be a designer. Although I really didn't know what it meant to be a designer, I understood the implications of something that had form and function. I appreciate design so much because it can be both emotional and functional, express feelings and solve real problems, change minds, make you think and impact people. 

Getting better everyday is something I focus on as a designer and as a person. Always asking why and searching for answers is a constant in my day-to-day life. Understanding perspective has not only influenced my life but my design process; I try to exhaust every option, understand all parties involved, and those who will be affected by my solution. Life is a transition and I am forever learning. From analyzing to application to reflection, I live each day with a purpose and a smile on my face, knowing I will some day make a difference.